From The Worthy Grand Matron -

May your week be filled with good thoughts, kind people, and happy moments."  The beautiful spring weather invites us to go outside and enjoy nature.  Check your community to see what all it may offer.  Maybe an MS ride or picnic at the park or something else that sounds fun.  Get your chapter together and go outside the Chapter room and show your community what a good place and good people Eastern Star has to offer.  

Grand Examiners

Ms. Sherrie Fowler

Grand Examiner District 1

Mrs. Christine Pucket

Grand Examiner District 2

Ms. Donna Hill Pope

Grand Examiner District 3

Mrs. Cheryl Royall

Grand Examiner District 4

Ms. Vickie Mathews

Grand Examiner District 5

Mrs. Tina Stevens

Grand Examiner At-Large

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